Dear, Girls Who Are Attracted To Assholes

Lets talk. I am a recovering addict of the never calls, the liars, the "I'm busy right now", the "oops I forgot your birthday/name/phone number." The ones who are so "artistic" you think they just love you in a super artistic way, or the guys who think that they don't actually have to be "nice" to you, they just have to promise to be nice to you and that is enough. To the girls that are addicted to the ones who run, the ones who cheat, the ones who disappear. How about the ones who flirt (with other people) the ones who sleep (with other people) the ones who make you feel like you are worthless or not pretty enough. You girls who are told that you are really REALLY lucky to have these guys, and should put up with whatever bullcrap platter they are serving, take my advice!

Do yourself a HUGE favor. Stop. Right now. Stop obsessing over these idiots. Anyone who doesn't have any idea how to treat a human being with respect certainly cannot be ready to treat your heart with the extra loving care that it needs.

Anyone who cannot see how unbelievably lucky they are to have you, and spends everyday of their life making YOUR life better by telling you that you are stunning, talented, not as bad of a cook as you think - is NOT worth it.

You are dying. Yup, you are. I am too. We all are, and I betcha on your death bed when you are looking back at your life you will seriously regret all those hours you wasted stalking someone who has no idea you are alive, on the internet or from inside your car during drive-bys (you creep!) Obsessing if his new girlfriend/previous girlfriend is prettier/more talented/has better clothes than you is a waste of time. We all know that no matter what he is doing now, it is no where CLOSE to as awesome as being your main squeeze, why? Because you are the most gorgini woman on the planet. Even your once a month menstrual zit is cute. You have the best heart and you love with all of it, and only a very VERY special creature is deserving of this love. 

Stop wasting your time trying to be the girl that you think he wants. If he is made of boy material he most likely has no idea what he wants. 

Just go with me for a second, and take a look around, see that guy over there, the one who isn't the most popular, isn't the one that "every" girl wants (even though they should because he is awesomesauce.) The one that is really nice to you, has the balls to take you out on a proper date and remembers the little things you say in passing that you cannot even remember that you said (ie. I cannot sleep with closet doors open.) You have most likely been friends with this guy for a long time. Maybe you went out once and then he was soooo nice to you, it felt completely alien so you ran the other direction back into the arms of boy who had no idea what he wanted/treated you like garbage. 

Take it from me, a girl with more heart stories that any one person should have. 
If you end up with the nice guy, your life will be really nice.