Sabrina's Steals: February Fabulous Dresses

Since I started writing for the LadyGang I knew that whatever blog post I did for February was going to be special. I didn’t yet know what was instore for my 21st birthday, I didn't know if I was going to have a huge Life and Death Brigade shindig like on Gilmore Girls, or if I was going to go on vacation (you know Vegas), or if I was just going to do something simple and low key. But I knew whatever I did I had to look amazing because The LadyGang was going to read all about it.

So what happened?

I ended up having two celebrations, one a night out with TWENTY of my closest friends and then a basic boozy brunch with my family. When I was on the hunt, very last minute, for the perfect dress for my birthday I wanted to find something black and not to extravagant because I wanted to blend in with the crowd. But when I went into the store and the sales associate asked what I wanted, my mom interjected and said that I was not allowed to buy another black dress. So instead I was shoved off into a dressing room with lots of floral dresses and dresses that were way to casual for me, until I found this dress.

cape dress


This dress was the perfect dress for me, my skin tone makes the cobalt pop, the length is long enough to cover everything I want, but short enough to show off my not so awful legs, and lets be real the best part is that it has a cape! Styling something that is this vibrant, requires minimalism. I paired it with a simple black strap heel, my Sapphire ring, and my diamond studs. The reason I love draped material for a night out is because I know that I’m gonna be consuming food and drink, and I personally hate a tight dress that is going to show my food baby, we all know that one too well. The draped material is great for hiding any problem areas you may feel you have. For me it is my arms and my abdomen. The best plus to a flowy dress? It’s comfortable, there is no need for those uncomfortable Spanx we all wear to make us look good.

As discussed on the LadyGang this week, FIND YOUR POWER COLOR!

Keltie’s is yellow,

Jac’s is red

and according to Jac cobalt blue is mine.

Here are some of my favorite cape dresses! 

A staple in The LadyGang is BRUNCH, and not just brunch but a boozy brunch; filled with delicious food, girl talk, and bottomless mimosas. So my brunch couldn't be any different! Tucked away in Old Calabasas is a restaurant called The Six and that is where I spent all morning of my birthday enjoying a large number of mimosas. I don’t know why I have it in my head that brunch is all about patterns and colors, but in my head brunch wear needs, printed and colorful dresses, dainty jewelry, and sandals. Whether you want the dress to be more casual or dressy, there are so many options to choose from for brunch! My friend Ayla (left of me), is wearing a floral wrap dress which is on the more casual side and is the perfect brunch dress.

coral dress

This dress is my perfect brunch dress. It is a bright coral color, it is flowing and pleated beautifully, and lets be real, you know if I was spinning in circle it would look really cool. I paired it with this dainty gold necklace and this turquoise statement ring. Now shoes, I wanted a pair of heeled sandals, but I didn’t want them to be too tall, and I didn't want a kitten heel (NO KITTEN HEELS ALLOWED) so I went with these shoes that have about a two inch block heel. I get the best of both worlds with these shoes, I get stability of a block heel, and I don't have to tower over everyone I know even more than I normally do. Honestly the key to the perfect brunch is comfy cute, look as fabulous as you can without having to be uncomfortable at any point. The key to looking great on any day, not just your birthday, is to be confident. If you have confidence in your outfit, no one can stop you.

Here are some of my favorite Brunch looks:

Who wants to go get drinks or brunch with me? Let me know in the comments what your go to drink is, I’ll try them in celebration of my first 21 years on this planet! I also want to know your best memories from your 21st birthday!

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