Sabrina's Steals: January Coat Love

I have a strange obsession with coats. I love them, I will buy them even when I don’t need them and if I already have one that looks almost identical. When I sat down to plan this post, I asked myself “What jackets am I going to use?”. I immediately started rummaging through my closet and had selected 8 jackets to use, I knew that I couldn't do that many, so I narrowed it down to three. One problem with coats and jackets tends to be the price, my best piece of advice is to spend the money on a jacket that will last you a long time and will be able to keep you warm.

Camel Coat

My favorite coat right now is this wool camel colored one. The wool will keep you warm, wool can be itchy so look for a coat that is lined, and camel color is the perfect shade to go with all colors. The best part is that this coat could be dressed up or down, it looks amazing with jeans or a party dress. A coat is so essential in the winter, for most people, that a wool coat will give you the best longterm use for the price.


A cape is one of my favorite winter accessories. They can be neutral, like the one my friend Mikaela is wearing, or they can be more of a statement, like the one I’m wearing. A cape has the advantage of being flattering and fitting on every body type. The key to buying a cape would be, even if you think the size is too small try it. The one I am wearing is three sizes smaller than my normal size and fits me perfectly. The best part about a cape is that you can layer really well with it. The sleeves wont get to thick with a sweater underneath as much as a traditional coat will.


My last pick for a must have coat is a statement coat, or a going out coat. I recently got mine and I’m obsessed with it, it was perfect for New Years Eve! Dressing up in the winter can be a drag if it’s so cold you have to throw a coat over your cute dress or jumpsuit, so my solution? Make the coat your focal point. A metallic color can be a great option in lieu of a bright color to make a statement. Metallics catch the eye and the light making people more likely to stare at your amazing coat!

BONUS: Denim

A denim jacket is an accessory you can never go wrong with. I got mine almost five years ago, but when I went to POPFest I asked Becca if it would be okay for me to copy her and Keltie by getting mine embroidered as well! Thank you to The LadyGang for letting me unofficially join your club.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions comment down below. With Jac and I double teaming you to get coats, are you actually going to do it? Comment down below with which coat you like best and what winter color is your favorite?