10 Group Costumes for Your LadyGang

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get planning! I love GROUP theme costumes. In LadyGang theme, here are the 10 best group Halloween costumes for you ladies!

#1- Keep trying to make FETCH happen in a MEAN GIRLS theme (in honor of our episode with Lacey Chabert)

Mean Girls Group Halloween Costume for women

#2- Perfect if your LadyGang is just a LadyDuo (like our guests Sara and Erin Foster!)

Black Swan Women Group Halloween Costume

#3- You can legit do this costume for ZERO dollars. (If you are the opposite of our guest Dorothy Wang.)

Powerful Women Group Halloween Costumes

#4- I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID NOT THINK OF THIS EARLIER! AS IF!!!! (If you feel like being extra stylish like our guest Sophia Amoruso.)

Clueless Group Halloween costume

#5- YOLO. FOMO. OGLG. The options are endless. (Hail the queen of YOLO, our guest Kaitlyn Bristowe.)

YOLO group halloween costume

#6- In honor of Jac and her Troll Doll collection. (Also, in honor of the episode it was just us!)

Women group halloween costume

#7- Because Sexy Disney costumes are even better in a group. (For our Disney queen, Ashley Tisdale.)

Disney Group Costumes

#8- In honor of our guest Christina Perri, who just happens to own the nickname "McCheese" from me! (here is her episode if you haven't heard it!)

Group women halloween costume

#9- This is perfect if you plan on getting really crazy, because it doubles as PJ's (but don't get TOO crazy!)

Group Halloween costumes for women

#10- I'd go without the fake guns, but WE GOT BAD BLOOD guys! (In honor of the gal who def in our squad, Lea Michele.)

Group Women Halloween Costume