The BAS.S.S.S.IC's of wine


The see, the swirl, the sniff, and the sip. Today I am going to teach you how to taste wine like a professional. Next time you are out and about and decided "Hey I want to go wine tasting and act like I am some pinky up wine connoisseur", you can just follow these bas.s.s.s.ic guidelines.

So... you get to the winery and order one of the tasting packages they offer I am a baller on a budget, so I always get the lowest costing package but usually you get a taste around the vineyard which is what really matters, and you will be able to last a couple more wineries because we all know if your reading this your not spitting.

The first thingyou are going to do is look at the color of your wine, cause if you order a pinot noir and its white they gave you the wrong wine, immediately turn yourself around and get out of there.


Through the color of your wine you can tell a lot of things; body, if its old or young, type, tannin, acidity. 

What you want to do first is stare straight down into your glass like your looking for athe little lady who is going to tell you you are the fairest of them all. That will really help you get the feel of what the saturation of the wine is, which is a big word for color. If you ever do blind tastings though this is one of the big hints that will tell you what variety it is. Deep colors like the purple- blackish colors are going to bein your Syrah and Zinfandel range . Now, if its a rich yellow, coppery color it will probably bea Chardonnay or Viognier family.

Types of White Wine
Types of Red Wine


Next, view it from the side of your glass to the side and make sure to do it towards a light.

You want your wine to be clear like that Harry Winston diamond you're demanding from your boyfriend but you ain't on that budget yet.

If it has sediment it might mean its unfiltered or shaken up before poured, but if it's murky then something went funky when they were making it. Right before you swirl you, tilt your wine and kind of watch the wine spread out. The color you will see in that will help you figure out if it's old or young , young wine will be more mute and watery and older wines will be like brownish(for white) and burnt oranges (for red) that could also mean though your wine is old and its time (unless your absolutely desperate for a glass of wine) to throw it away!

Drink up!


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