The Ultimate Pot Luck Dish

Are you a fellow recent grad who is tight on cash and figuring out how to not burn, but want to trick everyone else into thinking you have your life together for the office pot luck? This recipe is for you.

1- microwave safe container

1- serving spoon

1- cup of cream cheese

1- can of chili (beans or no beans, follow your heart).

1- package of mexican or cheddar cheese

1. Put your cream cheese in your container and stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften it up.
2. Spread the softened cream cheese into an even layer at the bottom of the dish (try to avoid getting it on the sides.
3. Add at least one can of chili, possibly two depending on the size of your container, but make sure there's a nice layer.
4. Add at least one package of mexican blend cheese, this is up to your discretion, but a moderate covering over the whole thing is a good default.
5. (optional) sliced black olives and onions. If you're not sure how your co-workers will feel about them, put them on half.
6. Put what you have as of now in the fridge until it's time to leave.
7. When you get to work, stick it in the microwave for 7-10 minutes depending on the strength of the microwave.
8. Serve

Yep that's it.

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