Easy Everyday Outfit Inspiration

Keltie Knight Streetstyle

I am constantly torn about what to wear "everyday". It's easy to get all dressed up, and I'm most comfortable when I'm wearing sweatpants and no makeup. But, sometimes we have to go to birthday parties, dinners, lunches, to work, to school and we don't want to look like total slobs. 

That is where my time honored tradition of the oversized tent dress and ankle boots come in. 

If you have been following me for years, you will have seen this look over and over again in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns. It's so easy to throw on a big dress and boots. Doesn't matter if you are bloated, don't wanna wear a bra or just want to be comfy. Big dresses feels exactly the same as nightgowns and that is why I wear them constantly. 

Keltie Knight Street Style

I was recently spotted in NYC on the street wearing on of my favorite casual dresses from SEA NY, and my favorite ankle boots from Jimmy Choo and my old Chanel Clutch. The secret is once I bought the dress, I had it tailored shorter so it fit better, and I had the sleeves taken in. Fit is everything! 

Keltie Knight Street Style

I put together some outfit inspiration using this style for you all, with all budgets in mind. I promise you need a pair studded boots in your life for fall! 

Would you wear this look? Leave me a comment below with your GO TO easy fashion tips. 

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