13 Red Flags from 13 dudes I dated

Hey all you LadyGangers!

Gals, listen up! I come bearing gifts of wisdom and hopefully some helpful takeaways to guide you in your dating conquests. Here are some Red Flags that ya have to nip in the bud! These are all honest accounts of some fleeting and not so fleeting guys I've dated.

13 Red Flags from 13 dudes I dated:

Red Flag Man alerts!!!

1. A man that wears sweater-vests that isn't Chandler Bing

2. A man that color coordinates his closet and irons his socks 

3. A man that tries to sway you back into a relationship because if not ...he's becoming a monk

4. A man that you date that then actually becomes a monk

5. A monk then at every Christmas tries to kiss you and swears no one will find out. News flash: God will!

6. A man that wears eyeliner, shoots snot rockets while performing in his band or has more than 9 tattoos out

7. A man that starts out as your chiropractor, or that hasn't talked to his dad in 3 years

8. A man that tells you he wants a long distance relationship after one week of causal dating and wants to move to your new city

9. A man that lives next door to you, says he'll cook you dinner and then introduces you to his girlfriend when you surprise him with beers one night

10. A man that tells you he has to work on New Year's Eve and then sends you a picture from home because he forgot he lied to you and you're forced to break up with him on New Year's Eve at 11pm

11. A man that wears a gold chain, calls his mother 3 times a day and looks like part of the cast of the jersey shore

12. A man that's in a successful band and got the last laugh and line after writing a song about you and your break-up and that is currently available on iTunes

13. A man that swears he never wants to get married again, or live in the suburbs, won't date you or let you date anyone else and now is remarried and lives in the suburbs...

Hopefully Helpful Ladygang Tips! 

1. Visualize what you want in someone... write it down, sing it out loud (no joke!)

2. When you have positive vibes, you'll attract a guy with good vibes as well. Same goes for not great vibes.

3. Trust that the universe has a plan and that you're being led-- forget your head and heart, trust your gut and the process...

4. We are meant to learn new things from people, especially what we want and need and what we don't want and don't need... Reflect back and find the lesson..It's there. 

5. Don't wallow/wish you had what someone else has-- no one truly knows that relationship unless it's your own... Take that Instagram filters!

6. Enjoy your time with you. I love going to the movies alone and recently got back from Europe, a trip I took solo and man, it was incredible! The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more confidence you'll have and that's so sexy!

8. Know you are worthy of an incredible soul and don't waste the pretty on guys that don't treat you with kindness, respect, and honesty. 

9. Have fun with all of it... Dating is what you make it and if it's a ridiculous guy and situation, make sure you, 1. Get out and 2. Laugh about it and 3. Don't forget to write that story down and send it in to the Ladygang! 

10. Oh, and acknowledge the red flags, don't just read them. 

We're in this together. We got this.

All the very best gals,


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