Sabrina's Steals: #FakeRich this holiday season

The holiday season for many people is the most stressful time of year. So I’m here to help you find the perfect holiday outfit whether that be for a casual family get together on a holiday ball, I have your back. (ps. Most of these items come from Nordstrom which has AMAZINGLY fast shipping and the BEST return policy!) 


I love pairing jeans with nicer clothing items to form the perfect nice casual outfit. A nice kimono or jacket can elevate a simple pair of jeans a ton. The best part of the holiday season is the ability to wear an obscene amount of sequins. With winter, even here in LA it has been severely cold, the best accessory is a fierce pair of boots. My favorites right now are these suede thigh highs.


My favorite part of the holidays is eating. I love the turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving and the latkes and sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts) on Hanukkah. So if I’m planning on eating a lot I want an outfit that is going to hide my food baby. With a skirt that is full and loose, so you can eat all you want and not have to worry about how your outfit will look later.


What does it feel like to be a princess? Putting on a gown and heels comes in handy. I love dressing up! I love dresses that have some kind of aspect to them that is different. As much as I love basic black, sometimes it’s nice to change things up and bring some color into your wardrobe. When I wanted to find options for gowns, but still get a steal I took a page out of Keltie’s book and headed over to Rent the Runway (this blue on is SO pretty!)  Here are your designer gowns for a #FakeRich price.



Hopefully you found something to wear for the holidays. As always comment down below with any fashion questions you may have.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, filled with love, light, food, and family.

editors note: We Love You Sabrina!