Top 3 Surprising Reasons Why Rejection is Our Best Friend

As 20 and 30 somethings, I guarantee that some of us have been through rejection at least once in our life, whether it’s the hot guy at the gym or what you thought was your dream job. It can sting and make you want to drink a bottle of rosé in one sitting. But save the rosé for another day, because here are the top 3 surprising reasons why rejection is our best friend.



Recently, I was rejected from a job that I thought was perfect, a public speaking gig from an organization that I adore and gave me the opportunity to tell the world about my passion for students with learning disabilities. However, it motivated me to start my own platform where I had full control of how I wanted to fulfill my passions and stand up for my tribe of different thinkers and learners. Then, when I was rejected by my own boyfriend I was motivated to focus on myself for a change by going to the gym, meditating, and figuring out what my true passion is.


Getting rejected from a killer job made me realize that mine is sticking up for and bettering the chances for those us with processing disorders and learning differences (disabilities.) I’ve always been outspoken and when it’s something that I’m passionate about, I could talk an ear or two off.  Taking time for myself and improving the educational system are my passions in life. Oddly enough I wouldn’t have realized that, if my BF didn’t dump me because he thought I wasn’t good enough, I would have never discovered that part of myself.


So we can all agree rejection sucks, but instead of binge watching Real Housewives Franchises for a week, we need to take that opportunity by the horns and become the #girlbosses that we truly are! Get out of the house, go try new things and find out what makes us so important in the world, who we truly are and what we are meant to do in life.

The reason rejection is my best friend is because every time it happens to me, I’m starting to enjoy it because I become a better version of myself each time! As the age old saying goes, everything happens for a reason, I used to think that was complete crap but it’s true! We experience things because we’re strong enough to handle it and become even better women than we already are!

              Thanks for taking the time to read! Let me know your tips and tricks to handling the slump of rejection! Can’t wait to hear from you!