Stop Being Single? No, Thanks.

It’s time to discuss a very real issue. The issue of all our freakin family members telling us that we need to get our shit together and stop being single. Maybe it’s the wine or maybe it’s the fact that yesterday I opened my Instagram to see six different couples getting engaged... but whatever it is the rage is real.

Let me just start by introducing myself:

Hi! I’m Hannah. Just your every day twenty something year old single lady who loves wine, sports, shoes, brunchin’ and bullshit. My days consist of me going to my kickass job in college athletics, my nights consist of me drinking wine and writing about my days, and most of my weekends are filled with wild nights in San Francisco with badass single friends. I’m a once upon a time sorority girl who used to fall for this nonsense of falling in love and getting wifed up after graduation, but then I got smart. Now you may have gathered by that last sentence that I’m single and not staying in with a boy or getting engaged or planning a wedding or having to share the covers with some sweaty gentleman at night. No, I’m not miserable looking. Yes, I am actually quite a catch. Yes, I am single and yes it is by choice.

Now listen up ladies. Your twenties are for being single. They’re for waking up on Sunday morning being proud of the fact that you remembered to take your eyelashes off and wash your face the night before. They’re for moving across the country, or hell, across the pond and exploring the unknown. They’re for staying in on a Friday night in your pajamas with a bottle of wine and your main babe. They’re for taking that risk and questioning yourself every step of the way.

But you know what they aren’t for? They aren’t for staying in every night with your boyfriend talking about your future and house shopping for your starter home. You’re twenties are the ten prime years of your life where you can make stupid choices and not hate yourself for the repercussions. They’re your years to learn. To grow. To drink too much and to ask yourself why you went home with him. During your teenage years you aren’t free to be who or what you want. For the most part you still have mom or dad looking down or you or paying your bills. However, for most of us that’s not the case in our twenties. We are free to be. Free to drink (legally). Free to make our own choices.

I’m sick and tired of seeing all these engagement posts. I’m not excited for you. If anything I feel bad for you. You’re throwing away your twenties. Being in a rush to grow up is all fine and dandy when you’re fifteen and using some stupid Taylor Swift song as your ringtone, but at twenty something you should be embracing the fact that you’re hotter than you’ve ever been. You probably don’t have acne anymore. You found the gym and you learned that less eyeliner is actually more. Take it from someone who blossomed in college. These are the years you were waiting for. Your mid-twenties are the best years of your life and you don’t want to be throwing them away just because you’re in a rush to get married and settle down.

I am in no way against being in love. I tried it once or twice and honestly I loved it. I loved being in love. What I learned though is that love is different at every age and those couples that are falling head over heals for each other in high school and staying together forever are the exception. They aren’t the rule. We live in a society where young girls are expected to fall in love and be wifed up before they’re thirty. That’s bullshit. We should be being encouraged to live alone and learn to love ourselves while being alone. Our twenties are the years were supposed to embrace ourselves and our freedom and not be planning weddings and staying in so our boyfriends don’t get pissed. Go out. Get drunk. Shit, be sober for all I care but go out and have fun. Don’t stay in with that smelly boy who swears he loves you but when faced with the choice of you or a night with the boys will hands down choice them every time.

You’re twenty.

You’re probably hot and you should absolutely be living it up.