This Fall outfit is anything but BASIC

Is there a better time of year?!  I absolutely LOVE dressing for fall weather, and I have a new favorite look.  This Madewell sweater-coat is my newest obsession.   It's such a great piece of outerwear because its warm enough to wear outside, but unlike so many can leave it on when you're inside because its like a cardigan!!! So your outfit doesn't have to suffer just because you're indoors!!! MAJOR BONUS!

I get so tired of wearing jeans when it's cold out, so these Madewell Wide Leg Cropped pants are my jam!!!  They're wool, so they are totally weather appropriate and how great are they for fat days!?  HELLO ELASTIC WAISTBAND!!! 

Let's talk about these tassel earrings.  These might be my favorite purchase this season.  They add a fun little chic touch to any and every outfit.  

I am also very into breaking the rules (as many of you know), so I enjoy throwing in a white shoe this time of year! It's a fun and unexpected detail for any outfit.  (I am currently swooning over soooooo many white shoes.)