Best Travel Skincare Products

Days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, what does that mean? Time to get on a plane and travel to a place that will remind you of summer. However, for thosewho are obsessed with beauty and skincare maintenance, packing isn’t so easy. Nevertheless, you’re in luck – today we’re going to be talking about the best travel skincare products you have to try. 

Here are the travel-ready beauty products that you can toss straight into your carry-on, so you will look remarkable on the flight, no matter the destination:


Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

• This creamy gel cleanser is kind to sensitive skin, which is ideal for days when you spend too much time in the sun and salt water.

• Protects and soothes skin sensitized by pollution, temperature extremes,irritating cosmetic products, chemical exposure and stress.

• It also is an anti-inflammatory, perfect for the airplane.


Origins Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask

• A facemask is one of those essential products that will really make you feel instantly refreshed, and when you've been wandering around a foreign location all day, it is nice to go back to a hotel and relax.

• If you don't have room in your suitcase to pack your favourite night cream, this is the perfect mask to help you wake up with rested, glowing skin.

• This is best for dry skin types and perfect to combat the dry air on the airplane.


Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

• Keeping your lips nourished is important when sitting on a plane for hours, and this lip treatment is great for a moisture-boosting result.

• Proven to repair, plump and smooth the look of wrinkles around the delicate lip area.

• It lifts volume in your lips and is formulated with any parabens and sulfates. 


Organica Pure Deep Facial Cleanser - Aloe & Honey

• This foaming cleanser is formulated to lift away daily grime and replenish moisture.

• It produces healthy skin and you can’t ask for more when you’re traveling to exotic places.

• Infused with the powerful nutrients found in aloe and honey, this cleanser also nourishes and tones your skin, and provides anti-aging benefits.

In the end, travelling is enjoyable, but if your skin isn’t agreeing with you and the products you’ve brought, there’s no going back. Get prepared with these products and you will have the best trip of your life, also your skin will thank you.

Tay Gimza