10 Things I've Learned in College (Thus Far)

College. AKA, what we were told is going to give you the best experiences and memories of your life. All throughout high school I could not wait to get out of my hometown and experience the world on my own. I wanted the freedom that every college student had, and leave high school drama behind. I have come to find, however, that college isn't all peaches and sunshine! Here are 11 things I have learned in college so far. 

1. There is STILL drama: Whoever told you there would be less in high school was wrong. There are still the same douchy guys, the same narcissistic girls, all just a little bit older.
2. It takes time getting used to: Being on you own is scary, especially when you're far from home. For me, meeting new people is hard because my shyness and insecurities get in the way. Don't panic. Give it time. Everything will be fine. If it isn't? Find some place where it is. That is what I did. 
3. Freedom and responsibility isn't all its cracked up to be: Is it great to go out and not have my parents texting me asking me where I am? Yeah. But the older you get, the more freedom you have and the more responsible you have to be with it. I know its tempting to go to that Catalina Wine Mixer at the frat house and skip your 8 AM, but trust me, your grades will suffer for it. Would you mom let you do it? Mine sure as hell wouldn't!
4. You will miss your family: This is important. Many college students say they can't wait to get out of the suffering grasp families have on them, but the truth is come the first week, you'll miss them. Call you family, ask them how they are. Don't ignore them, because they miss you too.
5. You're mom is your best friend: You don't know how many people would agree with this. As someone who is always head butting with my mom, I can say that I never expected her to be my bff. She is the one I go to when I'm in trouble, the one I go to for the odd questions, and the one I want to share all of my success with. She gives the best advice, and will always make me laugh with some funny story she has. 
6. Don't blow all you hard-earned cash: This I learned the hard way. If you're as addicted to shopping as I am, this one will be difficult. Don't spend your money on things you definitely don't need. College is expensive, even if you're not paying for it. So next time you're looking at that new pair of Michael Kors booties, think of what else that money could get you. 
7. Take care of your body: There is literally nothing worse than being sick away from home. When you get sick at college, you're mom isn't there to make a doctor's appointment for you and pick up your meds. You have to do that yourself! Take care of yourself by always eating (somewhat) healthy foods, exercising, drinking water, and getting enough sleep.
8. Speaking of sleep, it IS important!: You may thinking staying up all hours of the night cramming for that test is what's best, but that really is not true. Sleep is incredibly important for your health. Go to bed early if you need to, take naps, it really helps! What won't help is falling asleep during your exam because you didn't get enough the night before! Your state of mental health will thank you one day. 
9. You won't meet your best friends on the first day, but be kind to everyone: One thing I have tried to remember is to always be kind. Yes, you will meet a lot of shady ass people, its inevitable, sorry. But, the cool people you do meet could be you lifelong friends, and you won't get them by being a bitch. You definitely won't meet these people on the first day, it takes time, so be patient. When you do find your people, hold on to them, they will be your rock. 
10. GET SHIT DONE!: Don't wait until the last minute to get that essay done. Procrastination is your worst enemy, and it sucks feeling rushed and pressure when you have an assignment due in an hour that you haven't started because you thought you could get it done before class. Have a schedule, and if you have a paper due, do a little bit a day..it won't kill you!
11. Have fun: When you think back on your college experience, you want to think that you made the most of it. Go out with your friends, do something stupid and make mistakes(we will do it sometimes!), make memories that you will laugh about when you're old and grey. Speak your mind, if not you might regret it. 

College can be really tough, but make the most of it. That is the best advice any one can give.