Week In Review

We’re all still mourning the loss of Brangelina, arguably the most iconic couple in history, and Adele is right there with us

YouTuber, Casey Neistat, gets upgraded to first class on the coolest plane you’ve ever seen. Prepare for the envy, my friends.

New York Fashion Week is officially over (sad face), and here are the best street style trends that were spotted just about everywhere.

Emma Watson is making moves for women everywhere. Her latest venture you ask? She spoke at the UN about sexual assault on college campuses and shared her own experiences while studying at Brown. Talk about a #girlboss, am I right ladies?

This 5th grader was done being bothered by a classmate, and took matters into her own hands. Here are her “Rules and Regulations. From Zoë. To Noah."

Have you ever wished there was something to tell you what to make for dinner with the ingredients you have, or to give you recommendations for places to go to avoid human interaction? Well, you’re in luck. PopSugar is sharing the websites that do just that along with a few other quality resources.

The Grey’s Anatomy season premiere was this week (finally!!), and apparently we aren’t the only ones missing Christina Yang.

PSA to all the non-huggers of the world, you’re not alone.

Halloween is quickly approaching and The Zoe Report is giving you the best costume ideas to *hopefully* help you avoid repeating your cat ensemble for the third year in a row. 

It’s not a secret that long work days can really put a damper on your glam. Here are some products for all the working ladies on the go to keep you looking and feeling fabulous all day long. 

While shopping at IKEA, have you ever been curious as to where the names of all the products came from? Yeah, you’re not alone. The Head of Research and Development at IKEA in Sweden is setting the record straight for everyone

The FDA has been making some moves this week. Their latest achievement? Banning antibacterial hand soaps. #winning

We’ve all come into contact with the fad diet tips that claim to fix just about everything. PureWow is breaking down which of these nutrition tips are actually myths.

Kristen Bell is the realest celebrity out there. Here are four moments that prove she is all of us.

It’s obvious that the Hamptons is the place to be in the summertime. Darling Magazine is sharing some useful tips on how to vacation with the celebs without breaking the bank.

The Internet can be a wonderful place and a scary place. These stars are learning that the hard way on the latest episode of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets."