Kate Somerville Skin Care Notes

Kate Somerville Skin Care Notes

A few weeks ago we had Skin Genius Kate Somerville on the LadyGang podcast to really break down what is going on with our skin. She gave us SO much good info that you asked for an overview of all her tips! *****Thank you to LADYGANG members Halene and Stephanie for helping take these notes.  

If you have not listened yet, YOU MUST listen to her episode. It was SO helpful! 

If you have any other questions make sure to reach out to Kate on her TWITTER or INSTAGRAM




  • Hormonal acne - is there actually anything we can do?

    • Birth control can even out the hormonal fuckery going on in your body.

    • If you can’t do birth control… Topical products can clean you up, but won’t take care of the internal problems. You need to check out your diet.

    • Diet: ORGANIC!!!  No hormone added food. Eating a lot of probiotics. “Bio-K.” 

    • Put chlorophyll in your water!

    • Stay away from antibiotics!!! Wipes out your immune system.

    • Recommends LED lighting treatments.

    • You really need to prep your skin - cleanse and exfoliate.

    • Go under blue light for 20 min and then repeat with red light 3-4 days later. 4 week treatment. 90% success rate!


  • How do I stop being a shiny bitch?

    • Good news: shiny bitches won’t get wrinkles!

    • You need to exfoliate and then hydrate.

    • Dermal-quench. Hyaluronic acid!!! Will balance out your skin.

    • Steaming the skin - keeping your skin fresh and hydrated.

    • Oil-free moisturizer - you don’t need more oil!


  • What is the quickest way to get rid of acne scars?

    • Pick your whiteheads the right way - wrap your fingers in toilet paper (really protects your fingers and nails from digging into your skin), use a lancet,  and prick the top part of the pimple. Creates a canal for the bad stuff to come out. If not, you’ll break your skin tissue and you’ll create a wound that’ll stick around forever.

    • After you extract the pimple, use neosporin and cortisone. Neosporin helps speed up the healing and cortisone helps the redness.

    • “De-Scar” a roller ball that helps acne scars.


  • Can anything be done on the skin-side to help dark under-eye circles?

  • Depends on the type of dark circles:

      • Pigment - needs retinol to lightening the skin.

      • Bags - steep two green tea bags in warm water for five minutes. Meanwhile, put two spoons in ice. Lay the tea bags on your eyes for five minutes, then massage in your eye cream with the cold spoons. Teabags contain caffeine, and caffeine constricts and remove the bags. The cold really constricts and can move the fluid around that actually creates the bag.


  • I get tiny white heads, and they won’t go away.

    • Whiteheads are trapped little sebum that gets trapped under the skin.

    • Usually have to take a little lancet to pop each of the whiteheads, but good exfoliation can do the same.

    • Good exfoliation: a good scrub that has really tiny beads (nothing that can tear the skin). Exfoli-Kate has the tiny beads and also enzymes to physically and chemically exfoliate. (ps. YAY! This is in our LADYBOX!) 

    • Look for an peeling pad that has lactic acid. Using both will really show you a difference. The scrub lifts the dead skin, but the acid will lift the next layer to give you a stunning glow!


  • Should I shave my Face????

    • Secret to women who have great-looking skin!

    • Shaving is good for people with sensitive skin who feel they cannot wax due to pain.

    • Nothing changes hair growth besides hormones, shaving will not give you a “beard” with thick hair and stubble.

    • Use a man’s razor with a good cleanser (gentle daily wash) or else you will break out!!

    • Shave from your cheekbone down. Nothing bad will happen if you skip a day or two; it’ll grow back as peach fuzz.


  • Best skin care regime for 20s/30s.

    • Don’t do the typical cleanser, toner, moisturizer. No need for toner - doesn’t do shiiiit. Marketing gimmick!

    • Exfoliation, hydration, and a really good moisturizer!

    • Exfoliation twice a week.

    • Hyaluronic acid (dermalquench!) is really important in a hydrator.

    • Moisturizer needs antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, E.)

    • Sunscreen!!!

    • Cleansers won’t transform your skin.

    • Retinols  are necessary in your late 20s/early 30s. Retinols will keep your skin looking young forever!!!


  • What’s up with botox?

    • Botox is not an age thing - if you have a lot of movement in your forehead (you’re really expressive), botox will help reduce wrinkles. Wrinkles are basically scars! Botox will stop you from moving that muscle and deepening those scars.

    • Start botox in your mid-20s if needed!


  • What is dermarolling?

    • Also known as micro-needling.

    • If you don’t cleanse your roller after using it, you’ll get crazy infections.

    • The new rollers now contain Frequence-C in the needles. Really stimulates your collagen. Now this can get rid of your stretchmarks!

    • Recommends doing it in a clinic. 


  • If I had to spend money on one expensive product, what should it be?

    • Moisturizer.

    • It can deliver so much. Peptides, anti-aging, retinols.


  • How do I get rid of blackheads on my nose?

    • Exfoliating.

    • They’re in there super deep, so we have to get them out!

    • After showering and exfoliating, wrap your fingers in toilet papers, get in there, and squeeze!

    • If you’re getting dry skin and peeling while extracting these, you’re probably tearing your skin and pressing too hard.


  • How do I shrink my pores?

    • Good exfoliation will help a lot.

    • Exfoliating is getting rid of that top layer of skin, but the only thing that will really shrink your pores is lights and lasers.

    • Smoothing the collagen out.


  • What is Retin-A?

    • Retin-A itself is really harsh and we don’t have to use it anymore in the cosmetics industry. Even though it changes your skin and can be beneficial, you first have to go through the peeling and redness stage that can last 4-6 weeks.

    • They formatted the retinol and Kate’s retinol is wrapped in a lipid. This means that it’s really moisturizing and while it goes into the skin, it melts and releases deeper, so the retinol gets deeper into the skin, where it’s needed. There’s no “flash burn” that you can get from Retin-A.

    • Look for a time-released retinol.

    • Couple it with a Hyaluronic acid. Kate has Dermalquench with Retinol. This releases hyaluronic acid and retinol at the same time so you get the hydration and glow, but also has the medicine that will help with the wrinkles, pore size, discoloration, etc.

    • Look for something less intense than Retin-A (Look at Roc in the drug store!).

    • It’s good to spend money on this. You really need it.

    • How often do you apply? If you’re in your 20s, 2x a week; 30s, 3x a week; 40s, 4x a week; etc...

    • Acne responds with retinols so well. It gives you hydration. Acne prone skin can be sensitive. Retinols can dry things up, but still hydrate.

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